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Wild heart.

Running with the wild horses.

If you know Noyemi, you know her passion for horses... so we couldn't miss the opportunity to bring her to Kayseri, where wild horses live. The provinces are home to the elusive yılkı horses, a living reminder of the rich equine history that has long stretched across Central Anatolia.

Wild horses ( The Turkish word for these horses is “yılkı.”“Yılkı horse means a horse that has been released to nature” ) lives above foothills of Mount Erciyes.

For the villagers, it is expensive to feed the horses through the winter, turning them loose saves money. And it makes [the horses] tough. Today, the horses are often totally wild, and found across a wide swath of Turkey.

On the plains around Mt. Ericyes outside Kayseri in Central Anatolia, several large bands of yılkı roam. The herd near Kayseri has gained a sort of fame.

Therevare the legal owners of over 400 of these wild horses. They ensure that during hard, cold winters, sufficient hay is put out for the horses to eat; they also provide veterinary care if needed. Their ownership also acts as a conservation technique. Theirs private but hands-off management helps protect the way of life to which these wild horses have become accustomed. The horses are harmless and familiar with people, but they are not tamed. You can’t control them or ride them.

Photography: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

All rights reserved (c).


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