About Me

Noyemi Pia is a Fashion Globetrotter, International Influencer, Kid Muse and Cover Model.


This is an official Noyemi Pia and Alexandra`s  blog, specializing in kids fashion, trends, lifestyle and travels by creative duo mother and daughter.

Its mission is to provide creative and informative unique content to those interested in the world of kids and tweens.

Alexandra Atach is a professional photographer and image maker. 

She is originally from Riga, Latvia, where she worked with many fashion magazines, TV and Show programs, Fashion Weeks and private customers. Since then, she moved to Turkey and for the last ten years she lives and works between Turkey, USA and Europe. 


‘’When my daughter was born, I became interested in kids fashion. My daughter, Noyemi Pia,  is nine years old now. Due to our lifestyle she is real cosmopolite and multilingual kid. Together we are a team - she is my little muse and a professional model.  

She inspired me to create our blog. ‘’



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