Kids couture brand Melis Kaptanoglu Kids presenting new addition to the doll collection - Noyemi Pia.

The brand had three dolls Serra, Melissa and Celine, which were inspired by designer's family. The fourth doll were inspired by fashion muse and brand`s face - Noyemi Pia.

You can purchase one of the dolls from collection, or order a doll designed exclusively for you. For all details contact MelisKaptanogluKids

Project director and photographer: Alexandra Atach

Model and muse: Noyemi Pia

Dress, dolls, piñata, accessories - Melis Kaptanoglu Kids

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Updated: Jan 26

This blog was inspired by my little baby girl Noyemi and has been growing together with our muse. Today we celebrate our young ladies` amazing birthday milestone, first two digit number, door to the new world full of opportunities, adventures and wonders!

We are pleased to share with you our fashion story dedicated to this special day!

Big thanks to our partners:

PAPERTWINS, Tulleen and Kids Atelier, who supported this project.

Special fashion project celebrating Noyemi Pia's milestone birthday.

All fine jewelry: PAPERTWINS

Dresses: Tulleen

Project director and photographer Alexandra Atach

Model and muse: Noyemi Pia

Location: Hollywood, LA.

All rights reserved (c).

  • Alexandra Atach

Everybody comes to Hollywood

They wanna make it in the neighbourhood

They like the smell of it in Hollywood

How could it hurt you when it looks so good?

Shine your light now

This time it's got to be good

You get it right now

Cause you're in Hollywood!

I lost my memory in Hollywood

I've had a million visions bad and good

There's something in the air in Hollywood

I tried to leave it but I never could...

Special fashion editorial for kid`s luxury boutique Kids Atelier and fine jewelry brand The Paper Twins created in Hollywood, LA.

Special fashion editorial.

Project art director and photographer: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

All clothes:

All fine jewelry:

Location: Los Angeles


All rights reserved (c).

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