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Photographer: Alexandra Atach

  • Writer's pictureAlexandra Atach

Last week we celebrated our muse's 12th birthday.

We celebrated at absolutely whimsical place Enchanted Dollhouse in Miami and we can't recommend it enough! Our High Tea Party was served with delicious tea and snacks, excellent service, picturesque venue and atmospheric music! Perfect idea for a teen girls birthday party!

Another word deserve Noyemi's dress which was designed specially for her by talented team of PetiteCocoCouture atelier. Dress is comfortable and not heavy, but at same time have perfect volume of the skirt. Truly couture!

"Noyemi" dress is a part of new collection and you can buy yours here

Photo: Alexandra Atach

Location: The Enchanted Dollhouse, Miami


All rights reserved (c.) Alexandra Atach

  • Writer's pictureAlexandra Atach

New fashion editorial "All Things Teen"at

Junior Style blog featuring

Meet Marie brand & Noyemi Pia.

First published:

Meet Marie brand:

Concept and photography: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

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