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The latino range by children's fashion from Spain at PİTTİ BİMBO 87

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

In The Man Who Loved Dogs, Leonardo Padura Fuentes wrote ‘Baracoa is one of the loveliest, most magical places in the Caribbean. I remember, as if in a mist, the beauty of its sea, its decadent colonial fortresses, its mountains covered in luxuriant vegetation, and many streams. The kindness of its people, with their overwhelming goodness and innocence, always read to welcome strangers.’ On a return journey to every single destination in the world, Spanish childrenswear hits the boardwalk in this wonderful Cuban enclave to present a 100% Latino range for spring-summer 2019. 

On the days while the boats are moored up, it’s party time in Baracoa. Against a backdrop of colourful colonial houses, sacks of coffee, barrels and boxes of fruit, young sailors strut their stuff and bring a new look to classic summer trends. Stripes are filled with flowers and other patterns, while navy is teamed with eye-catching shades such as neon coral. Curious, tourists come down to the harbour, wanting to enjoy a summer without end, filled with Latin rhythm, colour and flavour. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or viscose, perfect in the heat, create fresh, flowing silhouettes featuring side frills, necklines and canvas belts for the girls, as well as printed bleach washed denim, and sporty Cargo shorts and oversize sweats for the boys. Behind the coastline, an anvil-shaped mountain stands majestic, its untamed nature having forged the attitude and life of the people here, just like the shades and prints for this season. Turquoises, blues, pinks and earthy shades are the hues favoured by the garments, with their lively prints of tropical fruits and flowers, palms, camouflage and ethnic elements. An overseas mood that brings us the power of the Latin-American culture, its origins and today’s new creations in Spanish childrenswear.



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