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New brand alert: MEET MARIE.

Noyemi Pia is a new brand ambassador for the MEET MARIE label.

The story of Meet Marie began in 2018 during an eventful shopping spree with a teenager. This seemingly small anecdote sparked the dream of offering modern and timeless pieces to young girls.

The idea became a vision of clothes that would be cool and appealing without falling into the trend of disposable and fast fashion. A few years later, the Colombian-based brand is all about simple yet dynamic summer wardrobe pieces. It's all about clothes that channel the everyday version of a cool girl who is nonchalant and authentically true to herself. Fundamental basics that are made for blissful matching and mixing, for easy, effortless combinations and a happy, assertive sense of style.

Concept, styling, photography: Alexandra Atach

Model and muse: Noyemi Pia

Location: Palm Beach, FL.

The brand's Colombian creative director Mary Meisel studied International Relations with an emphasis in Marketing, in France. After more than a decade of living there she returned to her native city, Barranquilla, where she eventually created what was first called Pájaro Rosa. This was a project that flourished from her experience as a mother of three girls and her penchant for style and clothes.

As she began to understand how challenging it was for mothers around her to find clothes that would appeal to their daughter's contemporary temperament and aesthetic palettes, she saw an opportunity to blossom a very personal vision.

More recently, the brand name shifted to Meet Marie and it mixes in her long-time passion for fashion, her motherhood experience and the utter sophistication she adores in the enchanting but significant simplicity of all things that are French and chic

The Caribbean landscape of her life and upbringing shapes the summery and Resort-infused touch that also makes up the soul of the brand.

Shop collection here:

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