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Urban Vintage Experiences with Mr.Cas Boutique Hotel.

Mr.Cas boutique hotel is your home away from home in Istanbul.

Hotel carries traces from the ancient residents of Guney Palas and Mr. CAS.

Details aging from the construction of Guney Palas will surround you when you walk into Mr. CAS Hotels. Featuring Art Nouveau elements and concepts from Art Deco, the past and present exist hand in hand.

With the hand-painted ceiling details and stairs that take you on a trip in the past, staircase craftsmanship on wood and marble, carry the history of Guney Palas into Mr. CAS Hotels.

A new era is beginning with new age concept called “Urban Vintage” at Mr. CAS. Accommodation is redefined at Mr. CAS!

Socialize even you are alone in a crowd or belong to the crowd in loneliness. With the new generation “Urbanvintage” concept, socialize as much as you want while traveling alone, or create a moment to escape when traveling in a group.

Just as you live in the digital world, shape your social life by yourself in your journeys. Everything you need is just a click away at Mr. CAS with our new concept.

Run into the experiences at the heart of one of the World's most important Urban "Istanbul", which is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, where East meets West, will touch your soul with its various tastes, culture, locals, history and geography.

When you step in to the Mr. CAS Hotels, whose front looks the Cicek Pasajı, one of the most fanciful and magnificent structures of Beyoglu, and Fish Market, full of authentic shops, you will open the doors of the history.



The first owner of the land Guney Palas stands on, in 1884, was the pharmacist Jozef Kanzof, son of an Englishman called Luici. The Guney Palas building, finished in December 1900, was sold to his highness, Sait Pasha. Its next owner was Ali Namık Efendi, in May 25th, 1905. And in March 2nd, 1933, it was sold to Certified Engineer Ragıp Devres.

After that date, Guney Palas has hosted many famous and important names. From fashion designers to poets, from movie makers to writers, many remarkable names have stayed here.

The apartment was the talk of the town not only because of its residents, but with the parties held here as well. Ladies and gentlemen, adding to the glamour of Beyoglu, gathered for receptions that would take days of preparation. It also used to be frequented by Yesilcam stars (Turkish movie stars) in the 1960’s.


There are 35 rooms at Mr. CAS Hotels. Varying between 20 and 111 square meters, each of them are exclusively furnished and have a ceiling height up to 360 cm.

There is rooms with bay-windows, balconies, bathtubs, historical fireplaces or views.

Beyoglu, presenting all the colors of daylight, becomes a completely different beauty at nights; luxury restaurants with the best view of Istanbul offering the most exquisite flavors of the world cuisines, local flavors, bars with different music, street musicians, concerts combining with local and foreign artists, open snack places until daylight... The entertainment life spreading in a big city as if the entertainment life spreading in a big city is gathered in Beyoglu.

Mr. CAS Hotels, one of the few hotels in Istiklal Street and located right in the center of the street, next to the historical Galatasaray High School and opposite of Cicek Pasaji, is located only a few minutes away from the most important cultural and artistic centers, eating and drinking places, historical monuments and metro stations of Beyoglu.


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