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I would like to introduce you our new art editorial.

Undine series were inspired by mythology and fabrics of the İnfantium Victoria collection dedicated to water.

İnfantium Victoria is high-end organic and vegan fashion for kids.

Infantium Victoria, founded 2014 by Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel, specialises in the design of high-end organic and vegan fashion for kids.

Influenced by a deep fascination for romantic themes and nostalgia Infantium Victoria offers a true alternative to mainstream fast-fashion – not only aesthetically but also ethically.

At Infantium Victoria we deeply care for our children’s current wellbeing and are determined to help guarantee their future. This is why we use only organic materials and source, produce and distribute sustainably.

We deliver sophisticated yet practical designs that last – clothes full of individuality, bemused and inspiring at the same time.


Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel both have a long history in fashion and a shared passion for it. They value a sustainable lifestyle and love functional yet elegant clothing.

“Infantium Victoria is a new dimension in fashion for kids. We are not at all afraid not to fit in, in fact this what we actively aspire to.“ — Julia Gaydina

“Baby couture is real! We have proven it and we are determined to further explore the limits of contemporary kids fashion.“ — Dinie van den Heuvel.


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