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Summer in the City.

Summer is here! How are you going to spend it? If you are urban person as me, here is your outfits inspiration for your summer in the city!

Left page: LiaLea dress Right page: Moque

Left page: Moque Right page: Charabia Paris

Left page: İmoimo Kids Right page: LiaLea

Left page: Eirene Studio Right page: Roco Clothing

Eirene Studio

Left page: Eirene Studio Right page: Charabia Paris

Left page: Zara Kids, DKNY Right page: Charabia Paris; Gucci

Left page: Charabia Paris; Gucci Right page: Zara Kids, DKNY

Mango Kids

Charabia Paris; Gucci

Project idea and organization - Alexandra Atach Director (Art & Creative) - Alexandra Atach Photography: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

Creative Duo Alexandra Atach and Noyemi Pia

Videography and Editing - Anya Yilmaz

Producer - Gene Lurye

Financial Producer- Max Samotaev

Production Designer -Oksana Lurye

Clothes credits:

1)Butterfly dress: Charabia Paris; Headpiece Gucci

2)T-shirt Zara Kids

Jeans and boots: Mango Kids

Hat: Janie&Jack

3)White blazer; T-shirt; Leopar cycling leggings, shoes, hat : Zara Kids


4)White lace dress: Charabia Paris; hair scarf Zara Kids, Glasses and boots Mango kids,

5)Black/White photo: dress Eirene Studio

6)White satin dress: Roco Clothing

7)White and blue dress: LİALE, Sandals: Steve Madden

8)Green floral overall: İmimo Kids glasses; Mango Kids; Shoes Yosi Samra

9)White dress: Moque; Hat H&M; Boots Zara Kids


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