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Sorci and Fora collection launch event in Beymen department store in İstanbul Zorlu Center.

Sorci and Fofa collection launch was held on 28th of November in İstanbul, in the most prestigious department store Beymen.

New f/w collection was introduced to the press and guests.

Noyemi Pia is the face of the brand.

Noyemi Pia as a honored guest and the face of the collection was welcomed guests together with faunders and designers of the sorci and Fofa brand, as well as did live reportage for all followers and friends who couldn't visit the event.

Small guests tried their skills in dress designing, while their mothers enjoied furshet and presentation of the collection.


"Children's Luxury Fashion House"

Sorci and Fofa is Children’s luxury fashion house which has been found by a mother and her daughter, Hatice Akdari and Burcu Akdari Toprak.

The brand is inspired by local Turkish fabrics and patterns, additionally by many multicultural designs. It is designed by its own founders.

Designed by most exquisite fabrics, accesorized with beautiful details, Sorci and Fofa styles your most precious ones.


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