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Romantic Picnic with LenyTomyFactory

Leny Tomy Factory is a family-owned children’s fashion brand established in 2008 in Riga, Latvia. In the last five years, the brand has grown from a small, local manufacturer to a notable children’s fashion atelier offering two new lines a year: the fall/winter and spring/summer collections.

Leny Tomy Factory creates elegant and beautiful clothing for girls and boys aged 0 to 10 years. Timeless, stylish designs, high- quality fabrics, perfect texture, and lovely linings are key features of the children’s apparel collections of Leny Tomy Factory. All products are made of carefully chosen, child- appropriate materials and produced in Latvia with great care and according to the highest quality standards. Materials most- often used in the collections of Leny Tomy Factory are: cotton, tulle, jacquard, embroidered lace, velvet, silk, wool and corduroy.

Patterns included in the permanent collection are: our trademark gorgeous tutu skirt, Royal tutu dresses, boys‘ shirts, and luxurious velvet suits. These articles outshine with distinct and classic elegance, and thus may be considered a long-term investment in a child’s wardrobe, wearable for more than one season. The distinct design and materials used, as well as the manner of its presentation, allows each little wearer to feel very special, beautiful and significant.

The clients and partners of Leny Tomy Factory are people with high demands toward design and quality that believe in the importance of nurturing each child’s unique and individual taste, starting from childhood.


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