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Resort life with Sorci na Fofa.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Your ticket is booked for a dream vacation – now it’s time to pack! To make it easier to assemble a vacation’s worth of chic and fashionable finds, we've introducing favorite resort wear.

Limited collection of the resort wear from Sorci and Fofa. An exquisite rainbow fabric CUPRO , has a silky feeling. Silken Quality, So-called ‘Vegan Silk’ , born from cotton but better than cotton, Luxuriously Elegant, Antistatic effect , biodegradable, washable with care, environmental, shiny and silky feeling. It also has thermal effect, cool in summer, warm in winter. Cupro has Vegan certificate, needs less detergent and water for cleaning.

Mix and match collection including shorts, pants, top and a kimono robe. Don’t forget to surprise your mini loved ones with a matching set. They will love the feeling of this special fabric.

Fashion editorial

Idea, style: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

Photographer: Olga Emrullah, Alexandra Atach.

Clothes: Sorci and Fofa

Location: Antalya, Turkey.

Photography: Olga Emrullah, Alexandra Atach.


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