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Presenting short film "What if..."

“Wherever they may have come from, and wherever they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s heart. Which means as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns.”

We are always facing choices, no matter what the circumstances are, there are always opportunities to rise up to the challenges or to descend into quiet despair, to seize the day or to surrender, to celebrate or to mourn. In todays world of confusion, uncertainty, and isolation it is easy to feel alone, powerless, and to feel drained of energy and magic, and yet… and yet we live in the world shaped by our will, by our hearts and minds, and by our actions. Holidays are particularly poignant in their ability to amplify our feelings and magnify our moods – happy or sad. We find that if we can find a spark of wonder in our heart, we can breathe enough life into it with our imagination so much so that it becomes a living breathing creature of fantasy like a unicorn. Our fantasy can take shape and enter this world giving us energy to not only fill ourselves but to share it with others, overcoming the isolation and filling the world with joy. This energy has an amazing property of renewal, through generosity of the sharing spirit, what we give always comes back to us and the cycle continues becoming a way of life. We hope to share some of this energy with everyone around us through this short film.

What if...

Project director Alexandra Atach

Photography, styling - Alexandra Atach

Videography and video postproduction - Julia Arif

Model and muse - Noyemi Pia @noyemipia

Unicorn - Haflinger horse Rosy

Music - De Joie Fantasy

Horn 3D printer production - @HenipKurumsal

Props and decorations DIY projects by team

Clothing Melijoe Paris

Location Casa Sur hotel

Special thanks to Orfe Equestrian center

Backstage moments...

Fashion inspiration behind the scenes

Click on the picture to shop the look

Some more festive fashion inspiration for you...

Charabia Paris dress; Milledeux headband

Chloe sweater; Dr. Martens boots; Lia Lea shorts

Monnalisa skirt; Velveteen blouse; Milledeux headband

Happy Holidays!

All rights reserved (c)


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