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Presenting "Noyemi Pia" doll by Melis Kaptanoglu Kids.

Updated: May 6, 2021

Kids couture brand Melis Kaptanoglu Kids presenting new addition to the doll collection - Noyemi Pia.

The brand had three dolls Serra, Melissa and Celine, which were inspired by designer's family. The fourth doll were inspired by fashion muse and brand`s face - Noyemi Pia.

You can purchase one of the dolls from collection, or order a doll designed exclusively for you. For all details contact MelisKaptanogluKids

Project director and photographer: Alexandra Atach

Model and muse: Noyemi Pia

Dress, dolls, piñata, accessories - Melis Kaptanoglu Kids

All rights reserved (c).


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