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Pitti Bimbo 87: new trends report for SS'19


Flowers & stripes and a touch of fifties vibes: the recipe for SS19 kids’ elegance

A sparkling mood with a floral soul, featuring surprising interspersions of striped motifs. The fifties are a powerful suggestion for a wardrobe that favours natural, optical white juxtaposed with bright, sophisticated tones such as Tiffany green and silver. The fabrics are soft and enveloping like tulle and taffeta, enriched with sequins and delicate coatings. Flowing shapes developed in lightweight, bright fabrics are enriched by the blend of floral and striped prints. Bon-ton lace dresses, interspersed with georgette flounces. For the most elegant outfits, we find corolla-like skirts with specifically-placed prints. Drapes, folds and seams feature the luxury of shiny satin in important volumes. All within collections that give a nod to the magic of childhood but also to the ever-vital preppy register. A colourful journey created to enhance fresh, natural textures, bouquet blooms, ruched profiles and lacework alternating with patches. And for occasion wear, delicate buds stand out on fabrics that reveal an elegance enhanced by handcrafted finishes.

Boys look up to their older brothers enrolled at Ivy League universities, adopting a casual, preppy look made up of sweatshirts, T-shirts and more formal polo shirts. And it is the classic colours of the American Flag that bring colour to this style, flanked by grey melange and navy blue.

Blue comme gris

Welcome to the jungle. Kids lifestyle green touch

The future of the childrenswear lifestyle is tinged with green. Nature sets the rhythm of life. It is a source of wellbeing and the weather marks our ability to reinvent the wardrobe as a game in which imagination and creativity are unique tools. The palette is permeated by tropical greens, earthy browns, navy blues, energetic yellows and the prints, a profusion of them, show glimpses of faraway, exotic habitats, tropical forests, sea beds teeming with fish and flowery meadows. Organic materials such as linen and cotton, used raw or processed, interact in perfect balance with all the elements: the sun, the wind, the rain. The dimension of the journey, understood as a dream or path, inspires new concepts, where contact with nature plays the leading role. The world of the jungle brings clothing, accessories and objects to life. Tropical scenes, exotic examples of flora and fauna crossed by different shades, not just animal prints but veritable explorations of the plant world, become visual cues for new adventures suspended between dreams and reality. From T-shirts with a maxi leopard print in matching shades to trikinis with a marked ethnic style: an explosion of contrasts. Evocations of experiences of outdoor life translate the holiday moment into an instinct to play and the freedom of emotions to share.


Lightness, the common thread running through 2.0 luxury collections

Light colours enhance the fine, ultra-natural textures of the cotton and linen yarns that caress the skin like a delicate spring breeze. Party dresses only feature classic lines if they are reinterpreted with prints, weights and details offering a contemporary flavour: a vision that looks confidently to the future, mindful of the beauty of the past. A style with a luxury slant that opts for an infinite lightness: this is the DNA of collections made in Europe by skilled hands, where quality rules the roost. Little princesses interpret dresses that are sophisticatedly elegant but never excessive: skirts like impalpable corollas of flowers, minute multi-coloured appliqués that enliven tunics and blouses. Floral and striped motifs come together on weightless fabrics. Girls wear sandals and ballet pumps in a skilful blend of different materials, with an admiring eye for the glamorous shoes discovered in mum’s closet. A new tactile flavour makes its way through ultra-light 3D textures. For boys, sailor-inspired stripes stand out on knitwear and trousers, tempered by contrasting drawstrings.


The chic side of active research

The appeal of the athleisure trend evolves in sync with the accentuated aspiration to comfort. A fashion that brings together young and old but does not neglect the special dynamic needs of little ones: this is the mini-me dimension, which combines contemporaneity and style in an outfit aligned with the trends of adult fashion. For girls, an ultra-feminine palette of pastel tones becomes active thanks to fluorescent touches. Sweatshirts, leggings, T-shirts and vest tops go beyond sporting occasions, completing everyday looks. The garments follow tailored silhouettes that support movement or feature technical details, such as reversible, size-adjustable belts. The great activewear classics reaffirm themselves on tracksuits, jogging bottoms, jackets and sweaters made from jersey and cotton. Sweatshirts come in a thousand solutions: enriched with patterns, in a mix of textures, patches or marked by sporty bands and combined with sneakers ready for running.


The eco attitude goes beyond the niche dimension

A planet that cares about the health and future of children, but also the wellbeing of the ecosystem. The green attitude has always been vital in the newborn segment, for coordinating rompers, covers, sleeping bags and accessories, but also for occasion wear and everyday wear. Ultra-soft and by definition eco-friendly, the materials from baby homewear and knitwear companies aim for absolute comfort. The focus continues on sustainable accessories and toys, safe for children and the environment: stuffed toys made using organic materials - 100% GOTS - certified organic cotton, cultivated without the use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides and featuring a corn fibre stuffing - baby bottles with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, nappies made from vegetable starch fibre. Without forgetting birth announcement bows, soft terry sets and delicate sheets made from organic cottons. And there's more... natural cosmetic preparations, based on organic active ingredients and an ethical production and distribution cycle. Small items of knitwear, rompers, dresses and T-shirts combat the summer heat through ultra-soft organic cotton and cotton jersey, materials that become special in fair-trade collections.

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