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Noyemi Pia for Melis Kaptanoglu x Trendyol project!

Melis Kaptanoglu Kids colors girl's wardrobes with her dynamic, radiant and colorful collection designed exclusively for Trendyol!

Melis Kaptanoglu Kids x Trendyol.

Photographed and styled by Alexandra Atach, model Noyemi Pia.

We are proud to announce our new project for our dear friend Melis Kaptanoglu.

The collection consisting of 20 pieces that designer Melis Kaptanoğlu designed specifically for Trendyol; It offers stylish options for girls who are looking for clothes for birthdays, graduations, parties and all other special occasions.

The collection, inspired by the imagination world of modern time princesses, interprets the season trends with modern and stylish designs. The vibrant patterns used in the collection dominated by the most popular shades of yellow, pink, red and blue are eye-catching.

The shoes, which draw attention with their timeless lines, can be combined in harmony with dresses, skirts and tights.

Sequines, crystal applications and hologram fabrics that make shine with different textures come to the fore!

Fun hair accessories accompany with silver and gold colored glitter, pink patent leather and shoes with dazzling stones.

Photo: Alexandra Atach

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