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Noyemi Pia for Guess Kids.

The Guess kids designer clothing collection is everything a kid dreams of from fashion statement accessories and clothing to subtle and classy outfits that will have everyone noticing your little boy or girl. Guess kids includes clothing for Guess Baby, Guess Toddler, Guess Junior and Guess Teen. Each kids clothing collection by this phenomenal brand oozes trendsetting styles.

Idea, style and photography: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

Location: Antalya, Turkey

Clothes, shoes, accessories: Guess Kids



GUESS was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the south of France in pursuit of the American dream. Inspired by a European influence, the Marcianos redefined denim. One of their initial designs was a stonewashed, slim-fitting jean, the 3-zip Marilyn. Bloomingdale's was the first department store to welcome the brand by ordering two dozen pairs of jeans. They disappeared from the shelves in just hours. This was the beginning of a long success story.

GUESS quickly became a symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. Throughout the decades GUESS invited people to dream with its iconic and timeless advertising campaigns that turned unknown faces into famous models. In 2004, the company expanded with a new retail concept for its contemporary collection called Marciano. The Marciano brand offers a fashion-forward collection designed for trend-setting women and men. In 2007, the G by GUESS retail concept was born, gaining its Southern California aesthetic from the Marciano brothers' personal passion for the young, California lifestyle they so enjoyed when they first moved to America.

Today GUESS is a truly global lifestyle brand with a full range of denim, apparel and accessories offered in over 80 countries around the world.

All rights reserved (c.) Alexandra Atach.


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