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Jums Kids outerwear

„To reach much, we have to not only work but dream; not only to plan but trust”

The history of JUMS is a story of people who believed in their dreams and could turn them into reality: in that way in 1987, thanks to the professionalism and determination of two people, JUMS was created.

In the beginning of 2000 JUMS has occupied a leading position in the outerwear market.

By the end of the first decade, the firm has been rapidly developing and in 2011 has started production in the segment of down clothing.

Passion and perseverance of the company founders have borne fruit and in 2013 the second generation of the company leaders began the manufacture of the children's collection "JUMS Kids".

The children's collection "Jums Kids" is created for boys and girls from 2 to 15.

Development of exclusive design is the essence of the unique brand "JUMS Kids", which enables you to be the owner of clothes of unsurpassed quality and uncompromising comfort.

The collections of the brand stand out with an ideal cut and unusual fixings designed for true small fashionistas.

All products of the "JUMS Kids" collection meet the dynamically changing needs of a child growing in a modern metropolis.

Collections of the brand Jums Kids can be described as a harmonious combination of intelligence, restraint and laconism. The style of Jums Kids is recognizable. It has a bit of fuss, a bit of intellectuality and a sea of positive.

Brand philosophy.

To think about high quality of products, but never lose sight of the children's psychology, respecting their feelings, imagination and innocence.

The most advanced computer and software development in the field of design (ASSIST). Jums Kids use fabrics with low environmental impact, certified by the International Organization for Environment Protection.

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