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Jeune Premier Bags: combining a parent's wish with child's fantasy!

Rainbow Unicorn midi İT bag

Out with the boring old-fashioned super heavy schoolbags … Jeune Premier breaks through the daily “school grind” and blasts a bit of fun through the grey classrooms!

Their standard models excel in their colorful attractive kid-friendly designs and are crafted from high quality technical materials making them sturdy and at the same time “feather-light” resulting in unique comfort.

Hélène Fransen designed the first model at her kitchen table in Ostend, because she couldn’t find anything she liked for her son Ralph. That was in 2012. For the coming school year, the company has sold over 100.000 schoolbags. Children like the colors, but parents prefer quality. So does Hélène Fransen. But she wasn’t impressed by what was on offer at the other end of the spectrum: boring, heavy leather bags.

Still, she needed a bag for her toddler, so she designed one herself. “It was a lambskin bag with a mushroom and Ralph’s name on it. Four mothers and the principal came up to her on that first day of school to tell her they loved the bag, and to ask her where they could buy it.

Lady Dog mini İT bag

They launched the first collection in April 2012, followed five months later by the creation of the company. The brand Jeune Premier was born.

“It’s a reference to the expression ‘Jeune Premier’, that we also use in Flemish to designate a clean-cut child, like a Prime Minister”, Bruno Piers explains.

The schoolbags target children up to 12, but also aim to please the parents. “We wanted to create something appealing to the children, but with a quality to seduce the moms”, Hélène says.

Gold Fun midi İT bag


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