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Fashion tips from Stylist.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Special Fashion Editorial for Special Clothing Kids Fashion Boutique.

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Creative director: Alexandra Atach

Photo and styling: Alexandra Atach

Model and muse: Noyemi Pia

Location: Antalya, Turkey

All rights reserved (c)

Blouse, belt and skirt: Monnalisa (available at )

Bag: Maison Pollux

Hat: Bershka

Blouse: Monnalisa (available at )

Head accessory: Melismas Kaptanoglu kids

Bag: Maison Pollux

Vest and Shoes: Bleu Comme Gris

Socks: Zara Kids

Denim jacket: Itsinmyjeans

Pink Hat: Hatmaker . Co

Skirt,belt and blouse: Monnalisa (available at )

Blouse and belt: Monnalisa (available at )

Bag: Maison Pollux

Socks and shoes: Zara Kids

Headpiece: Hatnaker . Co

Necklace: Molly Brown


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