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Baby&Taylor Cashmere

Baby&taylor, confidential Parisian brand, is relaunched for couple of seasons under its new head designer, the daughter in law of the founder with whom she rediscover the brand archives including the knitting points.

Valerie Toyomura is passionate from her youth by the knitwear and the knitting technics. Between her apprenticeship alongside a Japanese fashion creator and her own ‘atelier’ for custom-made, the idea of relaunching the dormant children’s brand came naturally with the birth of her first daughter (now 3!).

Her motto is simple: Nothing but natural. Sumptuous yarns, for softness, quality and high finishing standard.  

Since then, baby&taylor offers mums all over the world a specific selection, a bit out of the fringes of the street-casual fashion. The knitwear collection is the heart of the brand with a sustainable production and responsible as much as possible. 

The brand, distributed in Asia, where the head designer was living for years, is now developing its sales network in Europe through its official online store and some multi-brand stores won on childrenswear tradeshows, including the TOT in the US.

Timeless colours and knitted in an exclusive speckled yarn for giving a modern twist, these cardigan and sweater are unisex and perfect for big occasions as well as for autumn outdoor walk, but not only…

In vogue of the ‘personalization’, these styles will make parents happy as much as their children who would be able to create their favourite colour-mix, putting their own words, whatever weird, romantic or scathing!

What’s better than to become for a moment the king / queen of fashion?

2 iconic styles in cashmere - 2 threads -12GG – with a chain stitch embroidery such as ‘Haute

Couture’ workshops do for its unique pieces. 

Choose your word(s) 

Select your color among 5 high quality merino wool yarns: Rose candy, Petrol blue, Yellow mustard, Tomato red or Navy blueYour sweater or cardigan will be embroidered in a Parisian workshop by expert hands, at the back or front if a sweater.


Your unique knitwear will be shipped within 7 working days.

A selection of the finest knits for baby and kid, aged 6 months to 8 years old, baby&taylor proposes a wardrobe exclusively natural.


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