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Equestrian girl - fashion trend for FW2020.

Horses have always been a huge part of human history and a big part of inspiration for designers and art people (and how they could not?!). These powerfully graceful animals are truly amazing.

Many brands you see today are heavily inspired by the equestrian world. Hermés, for example, began by making harnesses and bridles for the European elite back in the 1800s. This was before the explosion of their now popular Birkin bags and silk scarves, which now evoke thoughts of posh riding clubs and aristocratic leisure.

Recently, Gucci harked back to its roots and became a sponsor of the Longines Hong Kong Masters. Did you know that Gucci’s famous red and green stripe and gold metal logo is a nod to horse bridles and bits, and the founder Guccio Gucci was inspired by all things equestrian when he set up the label in 1926?

Occasionally, equestrian wear still spills over to high street fashion, with designers continuing to draw inspiration from the sport. Most notable is popular luxury label Ralph Lauren, whose logo alone already boasts its trademark horse design.

Not to mention Dior, one of the main fashion players, was inspired by the equestrian theme many times. For example, John Galliano's SS 2010 couture collection or Maria Grazia Chiuri's cruise 2019- had horse world inspired collections.

Undoubtedly, horse riding has always held a respected seat in the fashion world, able to marry performance and style.

Modern Equestrian Fashionista.

Throughout fashion month, transportive, imagery-driven shows centered around storytelling to bring guests straight to the landscape of the designer's imagination, with one popular narrative surrounding the equestrian woman becoming a major fall fashion trend for 2020 in itself. Chanel, Chloe, Michael Kors, Brandon Maxwell, Tory Burch took the equestrian trend to the runway.

It's not just the more literal riding boots and hats or horse bit belts you'll see from the fall 2020 runways, but a full-on equestrian mood. It's polished, but cool and easy to wear.

Kids fashion also keep up, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Chloe, Burberry, The animals observatory, Molo, Scotch and Soda, Sonia Rykiel and many more were noticed horse themed pieces at current FW 2020/21 collections.

As for us, this trend and project takes to a very special place that is very personal. Noyemi is a professional horse rider, horses are a huge part of her daily life and soul.

She spends all her free time at the stables...

We were honored to create this Equestrian project in collaboration with

We invite you into Noyemi's equestrian world...

Project's Team Credits:

Project director and photographer: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

Videography: Julia Arif

Location: Berke Ranch Antalya

Orfe Equestrian Club

All outfits: Melijoe Paris

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"Riding the dreams" fashion clip.

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Apocalypto kids, represents kids who love to stand out, love to be different and love to make a statement with their wardrobe. Kids who love to play with eyecatching pieces have their own strong views and understandings. They are not afraid to share their vision, their dreams and make themselves heard. Apocalypto Kids apparels for children and teenagers aged 4-16 inspire to be more creative, to live a colourful life and most importantly encourage to stand out. Strong colours, smashing details, remarkable fabrics are the words to describe Apocalypto kids.

The brand founders says: "We love tassels, beads and spangles – all that in an urban and modern way. We mix street style with high fashion elements. We treat our brand as an adults brand. Beside strong visual identity, it is important for us to use natural materials such as silk and organic raw materials with a GOTS certificate and our production is based locally in North Europe. Also, all our garments we use are produced in Europe. High quality is just as important as our eye-catching pieces. And as Iris Apfel once said: „ More is more and less is a bore“. We couldn't agree more!"

NEW FW 20/21 campaign "The Glow Hits The Streets"

Project Art Director: Alexandra Atach

Model: Noyemi Pia

Photo and style: Alexandra Atach

Clothes designer: Sandra Ojamäe

Videography: Anya Yilmaz

Accessories: Milledeux


How is that the daily activities seem to be so uninspiring and boring? Grocery shopping, quick lunch break at McDonalds, hanging with girlfriends before the movie ... it`s so casual, dull and sometimes even monotonous. Day to day the same, without any excitement.

But this fall we all need to bring out the full backage of glow to make our daily activities more glitzy, glam and spontaniously fun! It's a pleasure to make a bit of an effort - so let`s glam it up girls! You don`t need to go to a ritzy hotel to be ritzy. Wearing something snazzy means you're sure to be spotted. So let`s make everyday unique!

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Enjoy the beauty of mountains and crystal blue waters of Mediterranean at Hotel Berke Ranch & Nature located on the Lycian Way, only 5 kilometres from Phaselis antic city in the foothills of Tahtali Mountain admiring the Twin Peaks, a natural volcanic wonder in the distance.

Inhale the fresh air from the pine forests surrounding the eco friendly boutique hotel spread over 18.000 squaremeters while horse riding in the mountains or on the beach, or having a splash in the outdoor pool under palm trees.

Hotel Berke Ranch is situated on the foothills of Tahtali Mountain and near Twin Peaks which is a volcanic natural wonder that symbolizes the area. Hotel is surrounded by pine forests and will awaken the desire to breathe the fresh air. Berke hotel is located 50 km from Antalya, 6 km from Kemer and 2.5 km from the sea.

Hotel Berke Ranch has different type of accommodations: standard rooms, suit rooms and villa rooms. We stayed at villa type room "forest"which is perfect for family with kids.


Forest Rooms and Deluxe Ranch Rooms are villa style rooms situated in the garden area around the main building.

Hotel Berke Ranch is pet friendly and have around 20 horses in their stables. Instructors are ready to give riding lessons to new riders and go on tours with experienced ones.

Swimming pool, beach volleyball, mini football, tennis and basketball fields are free of charge. You can also enjoy horse riding, trekking or mountain biking in the surounding natural beauty. You can also meditate in the pine forests listening to yourself and all of the jubilant sounds of nature or sometimes just the tranquil silence.

Your children can enjoy kids club which has many activities ranging from horse riding and kids animation to feeding the rabbits and picking up tomatoes from an organic farm.


  • Training areas for both new and experienced riders

  • Riding course for beginner level riders

  • Horse riding on the beach and forest for experienced riders

  • Horse riding activities continue all year long, all riders are fully insured against any injuries that may occur.

  • All trainings and rides are subject to fee.

At Hotel Berke Ranch, horses are available for horseback riding enthusiasts. Nearly 20 noble and trained Arabian and European horses are accommodated. 20 acres, 2 thousand m2 manege, 10 thousand m2 free paddock area, a saddle room, between 3 to 10 people is serving at the horse department. Our instructors gives special horseback riding lessons for beginner riders in manege, and jump and dressage lessons for those who want to improve their skills.


you can join rides on the beach or in the forest ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours.

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Photography Alexandra Atach.

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